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Our software has everything you will ever need to track your GDPR request, to manage your consents and a lot more. Always stay GDPR compliant with our smart solution!


Manage all your customer consents in one place. Integrate our smart consent manager into your business with just one click!


Place our widget onto your web or your Onion account and let your customers opt-in or opt-out on your consents at any time.

Manage requests

Handle customers and their GDPR request with ease! Support for data inspect, data change, data erase and data transfer.

Export data

Always know to whom you can send newsletter and how you can use your customer data. Integrate with your business system with ease.

Save documents

Scan or photo confidential documents and safely store them on your account. Log and restrict every access to your documents.

Web sticker

Place our official sticker on your own web site to let your customers know that their data is protected by GDPR professionals!

Mobile GDPR

With our responsive interface you can take your GDPR Onion manager on your smartphone/tablet anywhere.

Stay updated

Never miss a GDPR request, respond in time! Our system will automatically inform you about everything you need to know in real time.

Consent manager

Keep all your consents in one place. You can use our consent manager to get consents from your customers automatically by e-mail! Also, you can also upload a photo/scan of signed consent.


Create consent

Create new consent in our software by defining its name, purpose, description and, optionally, its expiration date.


Add customers

After that you can add all the customers you want to this newly created consent. Filter as many as you want.


Collect consents

Finally, you sent e-mail to all these customers and they will (un)click consents which will go directly into your software !


Automate your GDPR request by using our request manager. You can forward an e-mail to your dedicated GDPR account on our servers and it will automatically start new GDPR request. Of course, all related e-mail correspondence will be automatically associated with this GDPR request so you can track everything!

Add customer

After adding all of your customer details, be sure to verify your customer by requesting some sort of verification document.

Track requests

Keep track of your customer request GDPR status all the time. Know when it is time to react on specific GDPR request!

Verify documents

Store your customer verification documents safely in our system so you can have proof in case of dispute or supervision!

Eliminate spam

Don't get spammed with GDPR request. Our software will tell you how many times each customer requested its GDPR data so you can decide easily!


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What our clients are saying

If you don't believe us, check with our clients! Find out why hundreds of our clients are using this software as their primary GDPR tool.


Thanks yet again for this great GDPR tool!

This easy to use software is all you need to be GDPR compliant.

The app is intuitive and well organized. It makes our life easier!

Cheap and intuitive GDPR manager. It has everything we need.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find answer to your question here, do not hesitate to ask us. Thank you!

No, this software is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere. All mobile devices and tablets are also supported!

Yes, you can manage everything from our software. There is no need for third party add-ons.

Our servers are located in EU and all of your data is encrypted so only you can access it! Also, data on our servers is always GDPR compliant itself.

Of course, you can initiate GDPR request by sending or forwarding an e-mail to your dedicated address e.g. ''. This will start a new request or it will join e-mail to an existing request. That way you can track everything in one place and to have a handy proof in case of any dispute!

Actually, there is! Hop on to for more details. In short, it can do everything GDPR Onion can but it integrates with all of your systems so you can do cross search for customer data in all those systems from one place. Cool!

Pick your plan

All plans are billed annually so you get 1 month for free! Upon receipt of your payment, we will automatically send you your access data so you can start using your GDPR manager instantly! Contact us if you need more info or if you need custom tailored plan.


Free Setup

1 DPO user

Request manager

Consent manager

Contact manager

100MB storage

Free WEB sticker



99 / yr

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Free Setup

2 DPO users

Request manager

Consent manager

Contact manager

400MB storage

Free WEB sticker

Consent WEB plug-in


199 / yr

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Free Setup

3 DPO users

Request manager

Consent manager

Contact manager

1000MB storage

Free WEB & real sticker

Consent WEB plug-in

API integration

399 / yr

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